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Board Game Content for the Quarantine Part 3

I hope everyone is doing OK, staying safe and not stir crazy or anything. Here in Ireland we currently have a lockdown easing plan in place, this means there are still places that will remain closed for a few months yet as we try to return to normal. Do try to support your local community and stores if you are able.

I'm still grateful to you all for shopping online and buying from the site, That support is wonderful and i hope those who have bought games are thoroughly enjoying them. Now with all that said i didnt think asmodee would release more free things but they have and im here again to share those lovely resources with you.

We did already have dobble downloads on a previous post but they've released on or two more things since so happy days. 

Compete for the coveted post of Master Builder in the acclaimed card game Citadels! To earn the title of Master Builder you must impress the monarchy by constructing a majestic medieval metropolis. Recruit local citizens each round to use their special skills to acquire gold, build districts in your city, or hinder your opponents. Only the best city can win! 

Download Aconytes chapter samplers of their September releases, Arkham Horror: Wrath of N’Kai, and Keyforge: Tales from the Crucible, and exclusive October release Curse of Honor. Keep yourself and the kids entertained with the downloadable colour-in book covers PDF of all our Fall line-up.

50 years ago, business in the Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway was booming when the codfish would come for spawning. Expand your fishing fleet, build buildings for benefits and victory points and use the knowledge of the village elders for special actions! This solo scenario contains new content: new cards from the upcoming second expansion to Nusfjord. Can you find the best way to utilize the new buildings and reach the highest score?

DownloadNusfjord Solo Challenge

Inspired by the medieval fortress in southern France of the same name, Carcassonne is a tile-laying game in which players fill in the countryside around the fortified city. Players choose from tiles that depict cities, roads, monasteries, and fields; each new tile placed creates an ever-expanding board. Compete to claim these features and score the most points to win!

DownloadDemo (English)


In this cooperative game, you investigate criminal cases along with the most notorious detective of all time. Follow the leads and gather clues. Go with your team and explore London in the Victorian era. To beat Sherlock Holmes at this game, carefully read the newspapers, follow your intuition, and use your deduction capacities. Download the files below to play the full adventure; “The Mystified Murderess”.

IMPORTANT: Start with the ReadMe document.

That's it for now once again. Enjoy and be well