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Board Game Content for the Quarantine part 4

hello once again everyone, it looks like Asmodee is being generous and still releasing free things for you to enjoy. Im quite happy about this as it means i get to share it with you all and really helps build the community in games. It also a lot of the times can introduce you to the game and then you know just how fun it is and may want your own physical copy. Its the joy of introduction that i have found to be really fun for me.

Anyway enough rambling now for free stuff

Five Tribes solo - The new Sultan of Naqala, Yazid the First, is as benevolent as he is naive. He cares about the people, distributes wealth to the poor, listens to their complaints… These lands need authority and a strong leader, not some soft-hearted king. By all rights, Naqala should be yours. The time has come for a coup! The path to victory is a difficult one, though: the Sultan is supported by his Council of Viziers, he has Assassins entirely devoted to his cause, and rumor has it that he’s protected by powerful Djinns…

In this solo variant of Five Tribes designed by Bruno Cathala and Thierry Jolit, you will be confronting the Sultan Yazid, a dummy player: Survive the entire game and score a maximum number of Victory Points.

Note: The rules mention Fakir Cards. If you own the first print-run of the game, your copy of Five Tribes came with Slave Cards. They work in the exact same way

Requires the original board game to play DownloadFive Tribes Solo

This file contains a set of new Noble tiles that will enrich your Splendor games. There is one limitation though; you cannot use two Noble tiles that have the exact same characteristics. This file also contains our promotional tile for the Cities of Splendor expansion. You need the expansion to use it.

This tile is to be added to the Cities module and its validation is very simple: you must have at least 29 Prestige Points, minus 1 Prestige Point per Development card you own.

For example, you can validate it when you have 15 Prestige Points (among your cards and nobles) AND 13 cards in front of you.

We recommend that you use a thicker type of paper to print these tiles.

Have fun!

Requires the original board game to play DownloadSplendor Print and Play

In Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger, you are a psychic detective, haunted by the mystery of the missing owner of the Marsden mansion. With only a water bottle, your trusty pocketknife, and confidence in your detective skills, you set out to solve the case. Complete challenges, find clues, and hone your psychic skills as you unravel the mystery of the House of Danger!

DownloadThe House of Danger

Go up against one of 5 prestigious opponents available to you. Each one haw their own unique strategy. But stay on your toes: victory will not be easy!

HINT is about hinting to your team-mates what YOU know. You can hint by talking, drawing, miming or humming. The better you are at hinting, the faster you can advance. But be careful about wild guesses, because there are things you are NOT allowed to guess. Get ready to play the #1 party game in Scandinavia.

Suitable for 4 players or more aged 15 years and up.

DownloadHINT Print and Play

The captain returns with a host of ghost Boats to reclaim the lost treasure. You must also outscore the Captain to win the game. Play against the Captain, an automated opponent, in solo or even 2-3 player games for a high player count feeling resulting in a crowded map.

Requires the original board game to play DownloadThe Captain Returns