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Board Game Community Outreach

Even though groups my not meet for a while im going to start some community outreach. I want to get in contact with the many board game groups throughout Ireland. Especially the Smaller groups who dont have a local store and help them out.

I'm Doing this in 2 ways. 1 is by Posting about the board game groups on social media and getting that shared as much as i can, this lets others who might not know the group exist to find somewhere to play board games or start in the hobby or just have a fun night. 2 is by giving these groups codes for themselves and their members that will give them discounts on board games and shipping and sometimes free shipping. This will help get board games into peoples hands, this is especially important for those without a store like i said. 

Here's link to my original facebook post about this incentive share it as much as you can as we do really want the communities out there to grow and have plenty of board games. other than that keep and eye on our socials for when i post about these groups.