Closing down sale. Everything must go!

Cons and Fairs

Howdy, I first want to welcome everyone to the site again as this is the first post I've done since the launch post. Gladly I've a bit of news for ye to read and its mostly the cons and markets I've been fortunate enough to arrange a table at. I also need to mention that if you're at any of these events you can save on shipping by contacting us beforehand to make a purchase and just pick it up while your there.

First up is BGI con, Boardgames Ireland is a meetup in Dublin celebrating its sixth year in action and its third yearly convention. This convention could be considered small by some standards but i think its the perfect entry to meet those who are active in the community around Dublin. The Con is this Saturday in the teachers club and I'm looking forward to meeting some fellow gamers.

Now onto the fairs I've managed to get into, its just two but that's still great considering the site has not been live for that long. The first Fair is in Dice HQ's town and that is the Mallow Christmas Market. There Isn't often something like this in the mallow area so its great to see and I'm really looking forward to getting to spread the board game ways to kids and grownups alike. Its a short market running from 3 til 6.30 its Being held in the studio fit yoga centre on market square on Sunday the 17th of November.

Last but certainly not least we are going to be in the prestigious blarney golf hotel and resort for the blarney christmas fair hosted by Bia Sasta and in aid of Dogs for disabled, which is obviously a very noble cause. This is typically a handmade type fair but I've been quite lucky in being allowed a space for this year as it in quite high demand. The fair is a day long event being held on Sunday the 24th of November.

As you can see It'll be a somewhat busy November for us but its a nice ramp up to Christmas for which ill announce some offers/deals so you can snap up a board game for gifts this holiday season. Have good one :)