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Interesting games from gencon

Howdy all GenCon went by recently and there is a lot to take in. Since we live in the times we do, the in person Convention was moved to an online format. There was issues with this but that is not really this blog. Now there was a small few announcements on there but a lot was shown of games just out or coming out in the near future.

This post and others to come will tackle a small amount of what there was i felt was interesting from the con and this particular one takes aim at the somewhat lighter style games. Enjoy!

First two entries are games based on movies. We have Titanic and Hocus Pocus the game. 


In Titanic the game you can Play as Jack, Rose, Cal, Ruth, or the Captain as you try to move around the boat made up of room tiles rescuing passengers, getting them to a boat and then getting off the boat yourself on the last collapsible boat at the top of the ship.

You only have so many actions a turn and when your turn is over a tile floods and when a decks tiles are all flooded you cant go back anymore. you get points based on the amount and type of people rescued. so for instance third class is normally at the bottom of the boat and therefore harder to rescue meaning more points.

It looks an interesting one to be sure and seems very thematic to the movie what with scene cards coming up during the game and sounds to quite playable with the family.

Disney's Hocus Pocus The Game

Next movie is of course Hocus Pocus. an old school halloween movie (well i say old school it came out in the 90's when i was young so im showing my age a bit there lol) 

In the game you work together to ruin the Sanderson Witches’ potion three times before the sun rises. You will have a hand of ingredients of different types and colors and the aim is to match all ingredient types eg all newts or colors in the cauldron eg all yellow.

Ask a question about other players’ hands, for ingredient type or color (but not both). They then play a card from their hand into the cauldron and draw back up to three cards, ending their turn. Of course the witches can get up to hijinks with stealing cards and more. It looks straight forward enough and i like the cauldron potion thing happening in it. could be good.

Santorini New York

Now we move onto some games that focus on some specific geographic areas. First we have santorini new york. yes your reading that correctly. This game re-implements the wonderful santorini in interesting ways and seems much more playable at the 4-5 players play count 

Santorini New York has you constructing the city at the start of the 20th century.  raising buildings and skyscrapers. To prove your skill, climb atop the tallest building and look down over the city you have built. Which is the aim of the original game and same gameplay there but Each player will have 5 Role Cards, choosing one to play at the beginning of each turn. Once used, it is discarded, which continues until each player only has 1 Role Card left. 4 more are dealt to each player to provide more options.

The first player to move to the third level wins the game, however they must have the Statue of Liberty when they do in order to win. which is earned through on card initiative. 

Pandemic Hot Zone

Next is another game in the Americas, Its pandemic hotzone. I wont say much on this because its got all that Pandemic goodness but scaled down to just north america. with one less disease and the smaller board its a quicker and easier affair. Its also in smaller box which will make it easier to carry to other places.

Ticket to Ride Amsterdam

The last game from an area is Ticket to Ride Amsterdam. Here again i feel i don't need to say too much as its the same play as its original big brother game in that your collecting cards and cashing them in to go along routes in order to complete contracts in this case. Its the setting of ye olden Amsterdam where you have carts for trading instead of trains. IT's light and quick so if your interested in the theme then its one for you 

Adventure Mart

Moving on to unbelievably adorable looking Adventure Mart published by hub games and developed by digisprite. look the cover alone for heavens sake.

In this fantasy set world the adventure mart pops up where its needed and this town needs a lot of them you fight against the other players to lure adventurers to your supermarket.

You do all this by deck-building games. putting in better items and upgrading your store to try get as much money from an adventurer as you can. As the description puts it:The life of a store manager is brief, but glorious. Can you become "Manager of the Week"? Or will you be banished to the abyss? it looks lovely and sound like it has a ton of player interaction. Fun is the key word that jumps to mind here.



Whats next? why a two player game from kosmos is next and its name is Aqualin. In this tile placement game One player is trying to make groups of the same color, while the other is forming groups of identical sea creatures, you can also move a stone before placing a new one to form new swarms. The larger the group, the more points it's worth, and of course whoever scores the most points wins!

It sounds like an easy game but there is definitely a nice bit of strategy to be had here with this game. its only two player and you seem to always block or think about your opponents goal to try and win. It has the potential to be very competitive.

There was also Tea for Two an alice in wonder land inspired 2 player game and just wanted to give it a wee mention too as it seemed fairly interesting as well. 

Next we need to mention some kids games these next two definitely fall under this and both are from the grandmaster of kids games HABA. Haba's yellow boxes of games have brought enjoyment to kids for many,many years. an these games seem they will continue to do so now.

Barnyard Bunch

The first has been available for awhile in Europe it seems but since they went  over it for gencon there's no harm in drawing attention to Banyard bunch.

In this Game the younger animals on the farm try to run away and must be brought back to the barn with the help of the players. You'll need some luck rolling the dice and try to work well together. If you can keep them from reaching the end of their paths and escaping you win. Since this is co-operative it'll perfect for kids to help share and learn about planing and or other great things.

In a Flash Firefighters

In the game, you must help try to put out a fire but The water hoses are all in a jumble. The first person to untangle and lay out their hose tiles to reach the fire is awarded a firefighting medal — but the fire hasn't been completely put out yet! The player who collects three medals first wins.

This is essentially a race to find the right tiles to complete the fire hose. There's a nice little way to make it easier on kids versus grown up to the game where can start further back needing more hose tiles to finish and the kids can start closer. kids can be great at spotting patterns so this will help them alot. It looks like great craic.

A quick mention of 5er finden from Haba as well. its more of a family game but is essential a symbol matching based roll and write.

Bye Felicia

Finally we end the post with a party game. Bye Felicia from Big G Creative. In the Game your essentially making a list in 30 seconds for a certain category like "Foods You Eat with Ketchup" or "Bad Habits". You trying to stay in the round by taking turns naming one of their answers, and when someone has an answer that doesn't match anyone else, everyone says, "Bye, Felicia!", dismissing the person from that round of gameplay.

Match as many answers as possible to stay in the round and collect points. Scoring tokens are collected each round, and whoever collects the most tokens overall wins!

It reminds me a little of scategories  a bit but has its own unique little sounds like hilarious fun altogether and will be great game to play at a party.

Another party game to mention is cross clues which is a word style clues giving game based around a grid.

Thats all for now i hope you like this little rundown and ill try to give another soon enough with heavier style games have a good one 




cross clues honourable mention.