Free shipping on all orders over 60 Euro

No more international shipping

So Covid-19 (coronavirus) is effecting a lot more industries and severely impacting some shipping methods. Due to this two things are happening with the store. First is that for the foreseeable future im halting all deliveries outside of Ireland, that means the EU and UK shipping will immediately stop. Our Taoiseach is shutting down non essential businesses while being online it doesnt effect us just yet i still exerting an abundance of caution and think that shipping will take ages and cost too much to other countries for people right now.

The second thing is our main distibutor is delaying or cancelling the delivery of various pre order and back orders. this is due to they themselves not recieving stock and going into lockdown aswell. What that means for the site is that i too will not be getting anything new or restocks unless absolutely necessary. so dont expect news on that front for awhile.

Thats all for now be sure to stay safe and look after yerselves