Closing down sale. Everything must go!


  • Board Game Content for the Quarantine Part 3

    I hope everyone is doing OK, staying safe and not stir crazy or anything. Here in Ireland we currently have a lockdown easing plan in place, this m...
  • End of the Offer

    So it seem's the lockdown will go on longer. do not be disheartened, listen to the restrictions and stay safe. Its truly for the best. If You've be...
  • Board Game Community Outreach

    Even though groups my not meet for a while im going to start some community outreach. I want to get in contact with the many groups throughout Ireland. Especially the Smaller groups who dont have a local store and help them out.
  • Xmas Break

    Howdy all, its Christmas eve and hope you all are well. Here's hoping you've everything you need for the big day tomorrow. This is just a qui...
  • Christmas postage Cut Off 2019

    Hey all the Christmas season will be upon us soon enough, so with that in mind i want to post 2 Christmas related things. 1. Postage close off: Fo...
  • Welcome

    Welcome to the Dice & Counters Website. we are a brand new board game website based in the cork area but aim to bring board games to all of Ireland. We've started quite small but we will be building up to more games in the near future.