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30 Seconds Junior - board game - 30 Seconds - Dice and Counters

30 Seconds Junior

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30 Seconds is an Irish quick thinking fast talking description board game & is suitable for any group, party or family, big or small. It’s an easy game to play & has broad appeal – it’s not narrowed by gender, age or interest. It’s a game for everyone.
Junior 30 Seconds Game is perfect primary schools as it's fun, easy to play and uses literacy skills in a subtle way. Up against a 30 second timer players take turns to describe in any order up to five words on a card with teammates trying to guess correctly. For example HOLIDAY, DANCE, TAYTO, OXYGEN & BACKSTROKE. 

The Junior Version, is published and distributed by Woodland Games Ltd (based in Cork) in the Republic of Ireland.
30 Seconds is fiercely entertaining, great craic & can be played by anyone anywhere.

3–24 Players
30 Min Playing Time
Designer Calie Esterhuyse
Artist (Uncredited), Calie Esterhuyse